Live Streaming and Real-Time Interactive Apps

How latency, metadata, and video come together for a truly engaging mobile experience.

Build a mobile streaming app

From live trivia to real-time auctions, interactive video-based mobile apps have exploded in popularity. The benefits of using live video broadcasts are numerous, and Wowza makes it easy.

Capture Users' Attention

Live-video integration helps improve audience engagement and allows you to connect more closely with viewers.

Maximize Revenue Potential

Bigger audiences and increased participation means more opportunities to maximize revenue potential through paid subscribers or sponsorship and advertising.

Boost Your Brand

Whether used for customer support or broadcasting content, live video amplifies brand loyalty by building a sense of trust, authenticity, and responsiveness.

Why Develop With Wowza?


Building an interactive live-streaming app with Wowza Streaming Cloud provides access to a robust set of documentation, tutorials, and reference guides. Whether you’re a brand-new programmer or a seasoned coder, you'll benefit from our industry-leading platform and tools.


  • Start streaming with no upfront costs or on-premises requirements by leveraging our fully managed live streaming infrastructure.
  • Ensure your audiences are synchronized with sub-three-second global delivery.
  • Access APIs, SDKs, and comprehensive resources to easily incorporate video streaming into your application.
  • Synchronize your live video feed with a wide range of supported metadata types and ensure your audiences and application are always on the same page.
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Resources to Accelerate Development


White Paper

Download our white paper, Real-Time Interactive Apps: A Best Practices Guide With the Wowza Streaming CloudTM Service. It covers how to get started building live-streaming apps and best practices at every step of the workflow.

Sample Code

Download the free sample code of our TriviaWOW! prototype mobile application, and start building trivia games for iOS and Android devices.


Watch our webinar, Make Your App Better With Live Video. Experts from Wowza and Radiant Interactive discuss how they built the TriviaWOW! mobile app and offer tips for integrating live streaming into your solution.

Getting Started

  1. Start a Wowza Streaming Cloud free trial and give all the features a spin, including API access and Ultra Low Latency capabilities.
  2. Download the free GoCoder SDK and begin building video into your app immediately. Not ready for that? Get the GoCoder App from the App Store or Google Play Store to test drive your own live streams.
  3. Integrate live streams into your end-to-end application and conquer the digital landscape.