Basic Java API Code Examples


How to control access to Apple HLS streaming (cupertinostreaming)
Control access to Apple HLS streams with the ModuleAccessControlCupertinoStreaming class.
How to control access to Adobe HDS streaming (sanjosestreaming)
Control access to Adobe HDS streams with the ModuleAccessControlSanJoseStreaming class.
How to control access to Microsoft Smooth Streaming (smoothstreaming)
Control access to Microsoft Smooth Streaming streams with the ModuleAccessControlSmoothStreaming class.
How to control access to MPEG-DASH streaming (mpegdashstreaming)
Control access to MPEG-DASH streaming with the ModuleAccessControlMPEGDashStreaming class.
How to control access to HTTP streams (cupertinostreaming, sanjosestreaming, smoothstreaming, mpegdashstreaming)
Control access to Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH streams with the ModuleAccessControlHTTPStreaming class.
How to control access to RTSP/RTP streams
Control access to RTSP/RTP streams with the ModuleAccessControlRTSP class.
How to transport data to Amazon S3 services
Learn how to transport data to external services, such as Amazon S3.
How to transport data to Google Cloud Platform services
Learn how to transport data to external services, such as Google Cloud Platform.
How to use Wowza nDVR recording API
Use an API to manually control Wowza nDVR recording.
How to use Wowza nDVR Playlist Request API
Demonstrates how to use a Wowza nDVR API to control playlist requests.
Wowza nDVR: Query Recording Duration via API
null string time return streamname dvr report store import long
How to extract MP4-formatted files from DVR streams with Wowza Streaming Engine Java API
Demonstrates how to use the Wowza Streaming Engine Java API to extract clips from live DVR streams in Wowza nDVR stores.
How to add a Media Cache source using the Wowza Streaming Engine server-side API
Add a Wowza Media Cache source on the fly.
How to change the window title displayed when streaming using RTSP/RTP
Edit an application's properties to change the session title displayed for an RTSP/RTP stream.
How to control HTTP origin session creation
Control the creation and combination of stream sessions when Wowza Streaming Engine is configured as an HTTP origin server.
How to convert onTextData events in live, VOD, or nDVR streams to timed events (ID3 tags) in Apple HLS streams
Convert onTextData events in live, VOD, or nDVR streams to ID3 tags in Apple HLS streams.
How to do basic server-side publishing with Stream class streams
Use the Stream class to publish live streams using static content.
How to do pre-roll and playlist for iOS (a client-side work-around)
Implement client-side (browser-based) pre-roll and playlists for iOS devices and VOD-to-live or VOD-to-VOD streaming.
How to do scheduled, adaptive bitrate streaming using Stream class streams
Set up scheduled multibitrate streaming.
How to do server-side redirect of RTMP connections from one application to another
Redirect RTMP client connections to specific applications and application instances.
How to do user authentication for Flash RTMP client using JDBC connection to MySQL database
Use a module to limit access to files on Wowza Streaming Engine to registered users.
How to dynamically switch between RTP and MPEG-TS when streaming RTSP
Switch between native RTP and MPEG-TS delivery when streaming out using RTSP.
How to expose an attribute or method of a custom application module through JMX/JConsole
Add attributes or operations to a custom module through JMX/JConsole at runtime for Wowza Media Server 3.
How to get the current video frame rate from a live stream
Use the ModuleLiveFrameRate class to find the video frame rate of a live steam.
How to inject cue points or metadata
Inject cue points and metadata into RTMP live streams and recordings.
How to insert a pre-roll or mid-roll for video on demand playback in Flash RTMP client
Create a VOD, server-side playlist for a Flash client.
How to load balance NVIDIA CUDA accelerated transcoding across GPUs
Use the ITranscoderVideoLoadBalancer interface to balance NVIDIA CUDA–accelerated transcoding across multiple GPUs.
How to log play statistics on a timer
Use the ModuleStreamStats class to log stats for each play stream on a timer.
How to modify or control a stream by overriding playback
Override RTMP client playback requests and perform actions such as restricting access to a stream or renaming a stream.
How to modify or fix SDP data sent from IP cameras
Use a Java class to override default RTSP requests sent to IP cameras and the SDP data those requests generate.
How to monitor MPEG-TS ingestion to process additional data streams (SCTE-35, KLV, etc.)
Use a custom listener to insert PID monitors into MPEG-TS streams as they're ingested into Wowza Streaming Engine server.
How to use generic Stream Target API to prepare Apple HLS streams for ad insertion (SCTE-35)
Prepare Apple HLS streams for ad-insertion based on SCTE-35 events in live MPEG-TS source streams.
How to move recordings from live streams (ModuleMediaWriterFileMover)
Use ModuleMediaWriterFileMover to copy or move files after they've been recorded to disk.
How to shut down a running application from a module (ModuleShutdownApplication)
Stop a running application by using a Java module.
How to return list of live streams to Flash client (ModuleGetLiveStreams)
Return a list of live streams to Flash client.
How to override publish to remap a stream name
Rename a stream that's being published by using the ModuleOverridePublishRemapStream class.
How to protect your SWF files by loading them from Wowza Media Server
Load a .swf file on a Wowza Streaming Engine server as an object in memory.
How to redirect an HTTP or RTSP session through server-side code
Redirect an RTSP or HTTP streaming session (cupertino, sanjose, and smooth).
How to set up a command line interface to Wowza API
Use the JMX interface to execute common command-line operations.
How to switch streams using Stream class streams
Implement the Stream class to switch between stream sources by using playlist objects.
How to use event listeners in Wowza Media Server
Use event listeners in Wowza Streaming Engine to capture events and extend server functionality.
How to use IMediaStreamActionNotify3 interface to listen for RTMP stream events (includes codec info)
Listen for RTMP stream events with the IMediaStreamActionNotify3 interface.
How to use IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 interface
Use the IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 interface to programmatically create stream name aliases.
How to use IPublishingProvider API to publish server-side live streams
Create a server-side stream that is a mixture of live and video-on-demand content.
How to use IRTSPActionNotify interface to listen for RTSP stream events
Listen for RSTP stream events by using the IRTSPActionNotify interface.
How to use Java API calls to resolve SMIL file requests (AMLST)
Intercept a request for a multi-bitrate VOD stream and group the stream through Java API calls.
How to use per-application publish.password file
Use a different password for each RTSP/RTP application in Wowza Streaming Engine.
How to use MediaCaster API to start native RTP and MPEG-TS streams
Control when an RTP or MPEG-TS live stream is started and stopped with two public MediaCaster classes in the Java API.
How to use Wowza Streaming Engine Java API to start and stop MediaCaster streams
Start and stop MediaCaster streams by using the IApplicationInstance interface.
IMediaCasterNotify2 example
Implement the IMediaCasterNotify2 interface.
IMediaStreamActionNotify2 example
Implement the IMediaStreamActionNotify2 interface.
Stream Class Example
Add a server listener to a Wowza Streaming Engine application.