Flits: The Live-Streaming App That’s Transforming Music Consumption

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Case Study: Flits Live Music Streaming


Empowering Artists and Music Fans With High-Fidelity Live Streaming

With the concert industry booming and live streaming playing a major role, there’s no limit to the ways developers can further engage viewers. The Flits mobile app was designed to amplify collaboration between musicians and fans by streaming immersive experiences with broadcast-quality audio.

$7.4 billion

music streaming revenue forecasted for 2021*


percent of U.S. music industry revenue generated from streaming in 2017*


percent year-on-year growth in digital streaming music revenue in 2016*

*Source: Digital Music News


Case Study Snapshot

Challenges: Solutions: Outcomes:
  • Enable live capture of music experiences for a growing user base.
  • Allow users to merge their streams with the venue’s mixer to deliver broadcast-quality audio.
  • Find a streaming platform with a high degree of customization and extensibility.
  • Created a scalable system by hosting Wowza Streaming Engine in the cloud.
  • Automated the stream-merging process by building a complex module and embedding metadata into streams.
  • Configured extra functionality by leveraging Wowza’s support, documentation, and community.


Changing Live Concerts Forever With Mobile Live Streaming

In 2017, the music industry generated 18% of the its revenue from streaming. Gone are the days when seeing a show in real time meant you actually had to be there. Today’s social media platforms allow users to create and publish their own content with the push of a button. For that reason, both musicians and viewers now play an active role in music broadcasting.

Martin Erler wanted to further connect music lovers, creators, and venues across the globe. So he created Flits — a mobile live-streaming app that gives users the ability to merge their videos with the high-quality audio stream coming from the mixing board.

Merging Live Video and Audio Streams

To create the app, Martin and his team needed a highly customizable streaming software. They needed a solution that could easily scale as Flits’ user base exploded. They needed Wowza.


Developing a Customized Streaming Workflow

Loaded with tools for developers and builders, Wowza’s products were the perfect fit. The Flits team took full control of building a streaming structure using our powerful APIs and interface options.

Wowza GoCoder SDK made it possible to embed metadata into streams, while Wowza Streaming Engine Java API provided us with low-level access to streams and allowed us to build a complex module that performs the merging process itself,” said Martin and his team.

Even so, merging distinct streams in real time is tricky business. By building their system with Wowza Streaming Engine, the Flits team made it look easy.

Martin and his team partnered with an expert in the industry: Professor Xavier Serra from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Together, they invented a technology that didn’t yet exist.

According to the Flits team, “the Wowza GoCoder SDK was the only product on the market that allowed us to embed timing and other metadata into the streams themselves, which was a crucial part of the merging process.”

The Flits mobile app now allows users to watch live streams of their favorite concert from the comfort of home. Musicians and audience members can share live videos to viewers across the globe — with sound quality that rivals the in-person experience.

Flits Live Streaming Venue Map         Flits Mobile App Concert Stream

Building a Scalable Application for Future Growth

Industry experts predict that Flits will change live concerts forever. But accommodating an expanding user base requires a scalable solution. By hosting Wowza Streaming Engine in their own cloud environment, the Flits team created a system that will automatically scale for future growth.

“GoCoder SDK comes with some adaptive streaming features out of the box, but it also provides us with the right tools to control the encoding process even further and offer the best possible user experience to broadcasters and viewers,” explained Martin and his team. “It’s the perfect way to react to changing network parameters.”

Today’s music lovers can explore venues and artists around the world (with both live and VOD broadcasts). They can merge user-generated videos with the high-quality audio coming from the mixing board. What’s more, viewers can socially engage with the content via commenting and sharing. All via Flits.

“We’d recommend Wowza to everyone that needs a high degree of customization and extensibility, as all Wowza products are built to support these essential qualities,” said the Flits team.

At Wowza, we proudly empower the heroes of live streaming. Our customizable products, comprehensive support, and powerful app-building tools make it all possible.


Building Your Own Live-Streaming Mobile App?

Download the free GoCoder SDK, and get started with a free developer trial of Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Flits Mobile App Screenshot: Music Profile         Flits Live Music Streaming Home Screen

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