GoCoder SDK App Challenge-6 Things You Need to Know to Get Started

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You’ve heard about the Wowza GoCoder SDK App Challenge and now you’re ready to get started! We’ve received a lot of interest so far and I wanted to share some of the common questions.

1. Am I eligible? Can I participate if I do not live in the United States?

Wowza encourages participation from mobile-app developers worldwide. Simply follow your country’s laws regarding age and participation in such contests. If you are helping with the administration of the App Challenge in any way, you are not eligible. See #3 of the GoCoder SDK App Challenge official rules (PDF) for details on eligibility.

2. Do I need a special GoCoder SDK license to participate in the App Challenge?

No, there is not a special App Challenge license. If you already have a free trial license for evaluating the SDK, you can use that same license to develop your app for the App Challenge. If you already have a production (paid) license for developing an app that you plan to release to the Apple App Store or Google Play and you would also like to submit to the contest, you can use the production license you already have. Note that a trial license has an audio and video watermark and an expiration date, and is not for commercial use. If you have purchased the SDK and you win the contest, you’ll be issued a credit to be applied to future purchases, usage, or maintenance and support packages.

3. How do I get a license and access to Wowza GoCoder SDK?

Sign up via the Wowza GoCoder App Challenge registration page to receive a free trial license valid for the duration of the contest. When you receive your license, you will also gain access to the SDK. (Note that we have Android and iOS sample apps on our Wowza GitHub account, but you will need the SDK and license to utilize them.)

4. How do I submit my App Challenge entry?

The following items are required when you submit your entry. When you’re ready to submit, please email contest@wowza.com, and we’ll provide further detail.

  • Native iOS or Android app. You are not required to release your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play. We will evaluate the apps through HockeyApp. Please do not submit your code.
  • Brief synopsis of the app—approximately 200 words.
  • Video, up to 90 seconds in length, demoing the app. Use any output format supported by Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud. All apps and related materials are to be submitted in English and are considered non-confidential; Wowza may use submissions for promotional purposes. See #9 and #10 of the Wowza GoCoder SDK official rules (PDF).

5. What are my streaming workflow options?

Live streams from the GoCoder SDK are published directly to Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud. Developers have asked whether they can push streams from GoCoder SDK to a CDN. Yes! Think of it this way: you have your choice of Wowza Streaming Engine (streaming media software deployed on premises or in the cloud) or Wowza Streaming Cloud (flexible live-streaming service built on Wowza Streaming Engine technology) as your streaming server. Through those products, you have access to transcoding, closed captions, nDVR, security, and more in your mobile app. You can play back your streams on any modern device using the player of your choice.

6. How do I get help?

If you have questions, submit a support ticket and identify yourself as a GoCoder SDK developer, and you will be routed to our developer support team.

We look forward to seeing the creative and unique ways developers are live-streaming with the GoCoder SDK!

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