IP Video and 4K: Keeping up with the Ever-Changing Times

It's no surprise that Internet traffic is on the rise, and online video is a major reason why. According to Cisco’s 10th annual Visual Networking Index, Internet traffic will triple by 2019, and IP video—another term for online video—will comprise 80 percent of that jump.

Amidst this growth, video technology and resolution is continually evolving. 4K is the latest buzz. Are you equipped to keep up with the changing technology and demand for IP video?

Capture the best-quality video

Viewers today expect crystal-clear high-definition video, so if you're going to broadcast, you have to do it right. The software or service you use to deliver your video can’t generate any versions that are of higher quality than the video source. Utilize a high-quality (preferably high-definition or ultra-high-definition) camera that allows for easy integration with your streaming server software. And don’t forget about other functionality you may need to utilize at the camera level. Pan/tilt/zoom control and other features provide professional-level effects without requiring you to be onsite or invest in expensive hardware.

Transcode to offer the best streaming experience to each viewer

Transcoding is an important part of streaming live video. Without it, many of your viewers will experience stuttering or buffering, which will quickly drive them away. 

4K: A luxury or a necessity?

While not a necessity just yet, 4K TVs and content are set to take hold in the next five years. In 2014, 9.9 million 4K TVs were installed and in service. Cisco projects that by 2019 that number will be 371.5 million. With this dramatic increase you need to be ready to support and provide 4K content to your viewers.

With Wowza Streaming Engine you are armed with the ability to provide 4K streams to your audience. Wowza’s technology supports affordable, professional-quality streaming to any device. Don’t get left behind with your IP video streaming or 4K content.

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