New Features Now Available in the Wowza Streaming Cloud Service

June 29, 2015 by

We were extremely excited to debut Wowza Streaming Cloud™ earlier this year, and we’ve been blown away by how our customers have leveraged the power and scalability of this new end-to-end live streaming service. Today we’re just as excited to announce that our Wowza Streaming Cloud customers are now able to record live streams and schedule live streams to start and stop automatically.

Customers can create MP4 recordings of their live streams and transcoded output. Each recording—which can capture up to eight hours of content—is based on the highest-bitrate output rendition that the Wowza Streaming Cloud service generates from the video source. Wowza Streaming Cloud saves recordings for as long as you want, plus the files can be downloaded and saved locally.

With the scheduling feature we’ve enabled automatic start and stop times for live streams and transcoders, aiding your streaming workflow efficiency. Scheduling is handy for automatically stopping a live stream at a specific time to prevent it from running after an event ends, as well as for automatically starting a daily live stream. You can configure a schedule to start or stop a live stream or transcoder just once, or to repeat the start/stop behavior daily for a particular period of time.

Our goal is to continue developing new features and evolving Wowza Streaming Cloud to fit our customers’ needs. Give the service a try and let us know how it’s enabling your streaming projects.