Send an SRT Stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud With Wirecast

June 16, 2021 by

Trying to deliver high-quality streams over the public internet? Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) has got you covered. The reliable, open-source protocol ensures reliable streaming over unpredictable networks — with low-latency transport to boot. But you’ll want to use a video processing service like Wowza Streaming Cloud to repackage the stream into a more common delivery format.

In this video tutorial, Justin shows how to use Wirecast to send an SRT stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud. From there, he demonstrates the steps required to transmux that stream into Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for live video delivery to any device.

Full Video Transcript:

Justin Miller:

With Wowza Streaming Cloud, it’s easy to stream using SRT. To show you how, we’ll be using a demo version of Wirecast, but any encoder capable of streaming SRT will do.

Start by going to Live Streams and selecting Add Live Stream. We’ll name this appropriately, and then choose the closest server available. Next, we’ll need to scroll down and select Other SRT. Then we’ll check yes, create an HLS stream with reduced latency. While we leave all the other settings default, we do plan to play back the stream using HLS. And with this setting, we can reduce the latency to be around 8 to 10 seconds. With the live stream created, we’ll need to get the source connection information to set up the encoder.

In Wirecast, if you haven’t already, be sure to add a shot to the first layer, so you have something to broadcast. Now, we can open up the output settings and make SRT our destination. When we’re done, we’ll change the address and port to the source connection information, and then we’ll be ready to stream. Make that shot live, and then go back into Wowza Streaming Cloud and Start Live Stream now. It’ll take a few seconds for the live stream to start up. But once it’s started, we can go back to Wirecast and Start Streaming. You’ll see the information indicated that it’s connected. Also, in Wowza Streaming Cloud, you’ll see a thumbnail in statistics that shows it’s working. While we have the embed code and the HLS URL ready for you on the overview page, you can also use the hosted page to test the playback of the stream. Okay. That’s it for using SRT to stream with Wowza Streaming Cloud. Thanks for watching, and happy streaming.


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