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November 11, 2020 by

LinkedIn Live lets marketers connect in real time with their followers. Since its rollout last year, it’s been compared to Facebook Live — with a more professional twist. Although potential users still have to apply to use the social live streaming service, LinkedIn is ramping up its adoption through its application process, which aims to add new users daily.

The live content that LinkedIn broadcasts lines up with the kind of subject matter you might already see in your LinkedIn news feed. This includes virtual conferences, product announcements, Q&As, and other online events led by influencers and experts — all of which have increased in frequency during COVID-19.

Our latest Wowza ClearCasterTM release has enabled integration with LinkedIn Live, and we’ve highlighted below a few of the interesting use cases and strategies that can be used when you go live on LinkedIn with your Wowza ClearCaster.


Virtual and Online Events

With the recent integration of LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events, this social media platform is a great place to host your online and virtual events — especially now that most in-person events are postponed or canceled for the immediate future. LinkedIn’s virtual events allow you to meet your audience members where they are and host your event in a trusted environment. You can share your events with your business page followers, and you can send event invitations to your first-degree profile connections. It’s a great way to stay connected in real time, with minimal lift on the production side.


Thought Leadership and Expertise

LinkedIn is an easy social media platform on which to position yourself as an industry leader and become an authority in your industry. Webinars or panels discussing current events in your industry boost your content creation strategy. Using LinkedIn Live, you can host a panel for industry thought leaders — including those at your company — to talk about industry trends and issues. Additionally, you can host a live stream dedicated to interviewing industry professionals and experts. Amplifying thought leaders and facilitating industry discussions is a great way to use LinkedIn Live to attract new audiences.


Company and Product Announcements

LinkedIn has always been a great place to announce a new product or partnership. By doing this on LinkedIn Live, you can bring on representatives from your company and partner company to discuss what the new partnership entails. LinkedIn Live also provides an excellent opportunity to educate and interact with your audience. By launching a product during a live stream, you can get immediate audience feedback, answer questions, and conduct a live demo.



LinkedIn is one of the main hubs for recruiters and job seekers alike. In fact, for both individuals and brands, recruiting is one of the top benefits of having a profile. With LinkedIn Live, you can support your recruiting efforts by showing off your workplace culture, introducing team members, and answering questions from your audience. In addition, you can host a live panel with employees on what it’s like to work for your company. Team members can discuss what their hiring journey looked like and give tips to people who want to work for your company one day. You can also host a Q&A with different people on your team to highlight their specific roles.


Please feel free to reach out, if you are interested in getting started streaming to LinkedIn Live and would like to chat with one of our sales experts about ClearCaster. Also check out our complete walk-through below on using ClearCaster and ClearCaster Manager.


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