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2022 was a big year for Wowza and the video industry as a whole. Major product releases, mergers and acquisitions, cutting-edge technology, and global events all made headlines. The world finally returned to a new normal of hybrid everything. And we even had a chance to attend some of our favorite streaming conferences in person!

As a result, our most popular articles in 2022 looked at trends and technologies in the video tech space. Wowza company announcements also found their way onto the list.

Ready to dig in? Here are our most-read articles in 2022.

A woman with a VR headset peering into a virtual reality.

Our 2022 streaming trends blog explored everything from the immersive virtual worlds making up the metaverse to the decentralization of Web3. Barry Owen, Wowza’s VP of solutions engineering, takes a look at the focus on interoperability that underpinned these developments — as well as how new video technology is being leveraged across industries.


The 7 Best Hardware Encoders for Live Streaming

A binary code and lines with a Wowza logo in the bottom-right corner,

When it comes to live encoding, it’s hard to beat the expertise of Streaming Media Magazine’s Jan Ozer. In this roundup, he details the seven best hardware encoders available and what questions to ask when comparing options.


The Video Codec Landscape

A video producer with a list of video codecs overlaying the image, including H.264, HEVC, VP9, etc.

The ability to fit more data into less space has been one of the most remarkable feats of the past century — and compression technologies like video codecs have made it all possible.

The codec landscape is also a diverse and dynamic space, which is why we enlist the help of streaming expert Jan Ozer to cut through the noise each year. In this 2022 breakdown, Ozer dives into H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP9, and AV1.


Encoding vs. Transcoding

The words 'encoding vs. transcoding' below a spotlight.

Even for a video pro, the difference between encoding and transcoding can be difficult to pin down. In this blog, we cover encoding vs. transcoding, encoders vs. transcoders, and even where transmuxing falls in the mix.


Announcing: Wowza Video

Different screens with different streaming broadcasts on them, including a desktop computer with traffic surveillance, a smart TV with a live sports broadcast, and a tabled with an interactive e-commerce stream.

This year marked one of our biggest product launches yet: Wowza Video. The integrated platform for building video-enabled products and services combines the simplicity of a single solution with the scalability today’s businesses require.

Feedback from our customers spurred this investment in new features like a video content management system (CMS), real-time analytics, and a next-generation video player — which is why the announcement generated so much interest among readers.


What Is a Video Content Management System (CMS)

An animation of a laptop and mobile phone with a man organizing digital files.

There’s more video content floating around than ever before, making up 80% of all internet traffic today. But without a simple way to organize, store, and access this content, it serves as little more than digital clutter. Video content management systems (CMS) help cut through the noise by acting as a central repository for media assets and streamlining online video distribution. In this video and blog, Barry Owen defines what a CMS is, how it works, and what to look for when weighing your options.


Announcing: Wowza Acquires Flowplayer

The Wowza logo and Flowplayer logo in front of a gray background.

Wowza’s acquisition of Flowplayer marked another milestone in our 15-year track record of business innovation. The Sweden-based technology provider enhances Wowza’s product portfolio with a video player solution that delivers responsive playback, a lightweight code base, granular customization capabilities, and a rich plugin library. 


The Future of Video Technology

A thumbnail of a report titled, The Future of Video Technology.

From smart home devices to enterprise communications, video now powers everything, for everyone, everywhere. This comprehensive report takes a look at the biggest trends in video, critical technologies paving the way, and our predictions for the decade ahead.


HLS vs. WebRTC

An image of a woman participating in a video conference call juxtaposed next to one of a person watching a live sports stream on their tablet.

Although HLS vs. WebRTC isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison, it’s worth looking at given the prominence of both protocols today for last-mile delivery. This article breaks down exactly how the two compare in terms of latency, delivery methods, flexibility, quality, security, scalability, and cost.


History of Video Technology [Infographic]

Title image showing a snippet of a timeline with title 'The History of Video'.

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? In this timeline and article, we trace the origins of video from the flip book and phenakistiscope (try to say that ten times fast) to today’s Netflix-binging, FaceTiming reality. Considering video technology itself is 200 years young, we sure have come a long way.


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