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2022 has been a big year for Wowza between the release of Wowza Video, our cloud-based integrated streaming platform, and our acquisition of the Sweden-based video player solution, Flowplayer. Throughout these developments, we’ve continued to produce quality video content, exploring predictions for 2022, unpacking the streaming potential of WebRTC, and finding ways to combine ultra-low latency with scalability and content management. Without further ado, check out our most popular videos from 2022.


We kicked 2022 off on a strong note, interviewing our own Barry Owen regarding his predictions for the future of live streaming over the coming year. This candid discussion includes reflections on how COVID has changed the streaming landscape, including increased demand for hybrid events and ways to improve them. Barry also explores growing demand for interactivity and how this will lead to an increased interest in ultra-low latency streaming at scale and, by extension, WebRTC. Learn more about this and other predictions we had for the past year. 


2. Start Streaming with Wowza Video

April 2022 saw the launch of Wowza Video. This integrated video platform made it easier for customers to build video-enabled products and services. Our tutorial shows you how to start a basic live stream with Wowza Video, including how to use a Wowza Video hosted page and organize live content for video-on-demand playback


3. WebRTC vs. HLS: What’s the Difference?

With growing interest in the ultra-low latency WebRTC protocol come a lot of questions. For starters, how does it compare to other streaming protocols for ingest and egress? This video explores the similarities and differences between WebRTC and HLS in an easy-to-understand way that cuts right to the heart of the subject matter. Consider learning more about how other protocols measure up to WebRTC as well.


4. Live Video Streaming: How It Works

This straight-forward and easily digestible video breaks down the basics of live video streaming from end-to-end. Learn how raw video data makes it all the way from your camera through an encoder and to a media platform like that Wowza provides. Learn too how that media platform transmuxes and transcodes data as needed for playback capabilities across a range of platforms. The video also outlines the role of a content management system (CMS) and video content delivery network (CDN) in the video streaming process. Get a solid grounding in how video streaming works and then click for a more in depth understanding. 


5. Content Management System (CMS) Explained 

Speaking of content management systems, this video dives a little deeper into this handy technology and what it can do for your video streams. At its core, a CMS assists in data ingest, tagging, and storage. It also aims to make content more easily searchable for both you and your audience. Finally, a CMS allows viewers to see content anywhere. Learn more about the value and intricacies of a good CMS in the video above and by clicking the link below.



The major themes of this year have been scalable real time streaming and the essential role of a CMS in managing video assets. This is highlighted in our continued development of our WebRTC Real-Time Streaming at Scale solution, which combines the cloud-based functionality of Wowza Video with the sub-second latency of WebRTC. This year’s efforts and innovations illustrate how Wowza has embraced emerging technology and adapted to consumer needs. What can Wowza Video do for you?

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