Video Streaming Latency Survey 2021

A graphic showing browser-based playback of a video stream.

We’re researching how content distributors are currently using, and want to be using, low-latency streaming. We’d love your help informing our overall knowledge of latency trends for use in an upcoming report.

The best part? If you participate in our surveyyou’ll be entered to win one of three $50 Amazon gift cards!


Our report will look at the adoption of new low-latency streaming technologies, the average delays that broadcasters are experiencing, and the tactics being used to reduce latency in 2021.

Don’t wait! Your participation allows us to share comprehensive insight into the industry and solutions to the obstacles troubling you most.

We ask that you complete the survey by August 13, 2021 for inclusion in the drawing. The survey takes about three minutes to complete, and entry is limited to one survey per person.


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