VolleyMetrics is a hit above the rest

Gaining an edge on your competition is crucial in any sport, but what if I told you that Wowza customer VolleyMetrics has revolutionized this process? It could save you up to 80 hours a week, freeing up time and resources you can use to get your team ahead. Video streaming sits at the center of this revolution and arms coaches and teams with the tools that they need to be champions.

Led by former Olympic volleyball coach, Giuseppe Vinci, VolleyMetrics was born to help players, coaches, and teams improve their skills through match-recording and analysis enabled by IP cameras, proprietary software, and Wowza media streaming. VolleyMetrics provides near-instant recordings of matches, video analysis, and game planning all built into a robust platform; this enables coaches to spend more time with their athletes and less time worrying about the technical details of capturing game footage.

The VolleyMetrics approach utilizes IP cameras on and around the perimeter of the volleyball court. From there, video streams are pushed to the VolleyMetrics web portal (which stores and indexes all videos by game). Video is then distributed to coaches and players using Wowza Streaming Engine. “The recording, management and distribution capabilities with Wowza have been unprecedented. By using Wowza software we were able to cut out steps that were time consuming and frustrating” Vinci says.

The bottom line is that the match and practice content is available in near real-time for both distribution and analysis. This is changing the way that collegiate and professional teams share game film and conduct recruiting efforts.

Over the past year VolleyMetrics’ Wowza-powered platform has seen unprecedented growth with their customer base. Their customers are excited about the results and VolleyMetrics is considering expansion of their offerings in the coming year to include live streaming to fans. To live stream with Wowza Streaming Cloud they would simply point their RTSP stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud which will stream their events live to any device at any location. They also hope to break into other sports (such as basketball or hockey) that could benefit from this unique coaching tool.

Have you watched volleyball games on-demand? What was your experience?  Do you have sports or live events you want to capture and/or stream live?  Tell us in the comments section below!

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