Capabilities of Wowza Technology

Harness the power of streaming by making Wowza™ technology's capabilities your own.

  • Live transcoding
  • Any-device reach
  • Various formats & protocols
  • Closed captioning
  • Security & DRM
  • Recording & archiving
  • And more!
Refine your live streaming workflow with Wowza Live Transcoding

Live Transcoding

Wowza transcoding technology lets you refine your live streaming workflow:

  • Create streams of various bitrates for streaming to any bandwidth quality.
  • Get unlimited transcoding and pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • Convert between video formats to deliver quality streams to every device.


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Multi-Device Streaming

Future-proof your streaming solution to support an ever-changing landscape of devices. Wowza technology makes it fast and simple to deliver your streaming video content to any device, anywhere, anytime:

Streaming Delivery Formats

Configure Wowza software to deliver a live or VOD stream to various streaming formats and protocols to reach any device.

Streaming Delivery on Apple and Android Devices

Apple and Android Devices

Streaming Delivery Formats on Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player

Streaming Delivery Formats on Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight

Streaming Delivery Formats on DASH Players

DASH Players

Streaming Delivery Formats on RTSP/RTP-Based Players

RTSP/RTP-Based Players

Streaming Delivery Formats on HTTP and Traditional Streaming Protocols

HTTP and Traditional Streaming Protocols

Closed Captioning with Wowza Streaming Engine Software

Closed Captioning

Integrate closed captioning into streaming video content with Wowza Streaming Engine™ software:

  • Multi-language captions
  • Accessibility for people with hearing loss
  • Compliance with governmental regulations for broadcast captioning


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Security and Digital Rights Management

Whether you want to protect your assets and resources from intrusion or prevent piracy, Wowza Streaming Engine software offers a full suite of security options.

  • Protect your streams, networks, and audio and video assets.
  • Encrypt incoming and outgoing streams.
  • Integrate studio-approved digital rights management (DRM) for premium content.


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Wowza software and services make it quick and easy to implement a wide range of video and audio recording features to enrich your users' experience.

Time-Shifted Playback (nDVR) Video Recording Feature

Time-Shifted Playback (nDVR)

APIs for Advanced Recording Functionality Feature

APIs for Advanced Recording Functionality

Archival for On-Demand Playback Video Recording Feature

Archival for On-Demand Playback

Live Stream Distribution to Other Destinations

Live Stream Distribution

Scale and add redundancy to your live streaming workflow by sending an incoming live source stream from Wowza Streaming Engine software to other destinations.

  • The Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service
  • Third-party content delivery networks (CDNs)
  • Video-sharing websites such as YouTube
  • A live application on another Wowza Streaming Engine software instance


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With Java and REST APIs, build your streaming infrastructure on top of Wowza technology and benefit from advanced features.

  • Enterprise integration
  • Easy UI development
  • Highly scalable solutions


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Give your viewers the best experience, plus the ability to pause, play, and rewind a live video stream or watch it later.

Tight Integration with Leading Players Playback Feature with Wowza

Tight Integration with Leading Players

Any-Device Reach Playback Feature with Wowza

Any-Device Reach

Live-Stream DVR Playback Feature with Wowza

Live-Stream DVR

DRM Playback Feature with Wowza


Closed Captioning Playback Feature with Wowza

Closed Captioning

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Playback Feature with Wowza

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Scale your streaming delivery to incorporate distribution through a CDN


Scale your streaming delivery to match your changing needs:

  • Incorporate distribution through a CDN
  • Use a load-balancing system to offload player connections from more heavily loaded servers to less-loaded servers
  • Make live streams available from multiple Wowza media servers at the same time


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