What to Expect at Mile High Video

Blog: What to Expect at Mile High Video


When it comes to live video, low latency and high quality are all the rage.

But what if you’re dealing with a crappy connection or an unpredictable network? It can be incredibly challenging to deliver high-quality streams and achieve low-latency content acquisition over suboptimal networks.

At the upcoming Mile High Video 2019, a technically focused workshop organized by Comcast NBCUniversal, Wowza’s Barry Owen and Tim Dougherty will be speaking to the broadcast, cable, and OTT community about SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) and low latency.

Owen, Wowza’s VP of solutions engineering, will be leading a 30-minute technical discussion on SRT, and Dougherty, Wowza’s director of solutions engineering, is joining colleagues from Comcast, Akamai and Bitmovin to participate in a 40-minute panel titled, “Low Latency: Encoding, Delivery, and Players.”

Click here to download the entire event agenda.


Low Latency

Wowza supports nearly all common encoding formats and streaming protocols — many of which can be used to achieve low-latency streams. Latency describes the delay between when a video is captured and when it’s displayed on a viewer’s device, which can vary dramatically.

The widespread Apple HLS streaming protocol defaults to 30 to 45 seconds of latency, but a new category of ultra low latency has emerged, coming in at under two seconds. Over time, the standard for speedy stream delivery has evolved, and more people are implementing streaming protocols like SRT to achieve low latency.


Secure Reliable Transport

SRT is an alternative to proprietary video transport technologies designed to address the shortcomings of internet-based video contribution systems. SRT aims to brings the best-quality live video over even the most unpredictable networks by accounting for packet loss, jitter, and fluctuating bandwidth — ultimately maintaining the integrity and quality of your stream. SRT can also be encrypted for end-to-end security. Today, the SRT protocol is recognized as a proven alternative to proprietary transport technologies that helps deliver near-real-time streams over suboptimal networks.


The benefits of SRT include:

  • Pristine quality
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Operational flexibility
  • Media-agnostic
  • Secure
  • Low latency

Be sure to join us in the Aspen Room at the Grand Hyatt Denver (1750 Welton Street, Denver, Colorado) on July 30 and 31 for Mile High Video 2019. For more information about low latency, SRT, or Wowza’s professional video streaming services, please visit https://www.wowza.com/.


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