Send an RTMP Stream to Wowza Streaming Engine With vMix


the majority of live video streaming workflows use an RTMP encoder to compress the live stream and then convert the RTMP stream to HLS once it reaches the media server. One way to do this involves using vMix as your encoder and Wowza Streaming Engine as your media server.

Looking for a tutorial on the step-by-step process? Watch the video above. While you’re at it, check out our article on the Best Streaming Software for Broadcasting to learn about other software encoding options.

Full Video Transcript:

Justin Miller:

For sending an RTMP stream to a local instance of Wowza Streaming Engine, we’ll be using vMix as the encoder and VLC player for local playback using Apple HLS. Back in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, we’ll go under Applications and Add Application. We’ll make this type Live. Then we can name it appropriately and Add it in. We’ll be streaming to players using Apple HLS, as I mentioned, so we’ll uncheck the other playback options and Save the changes. Since we’re only streaming locally, we’ll also go under Source Security and Edit the settings, so RTMP sources are Open. With these changes now saved, we can go ahead and restart the application so that these changes can take effect. Under Sources (Live), we’ll locate the application connection settings that we’ll need to use in vMix. We’re going to format the information like this.

Now, if you’re using vMix for the first time, you’ll need to Add Input. You can choose to use our sample file as a video source, and this can be found in your Wowza Streaming Engine installation under the content directory. Once added, you’ll need to play it to make sure it’s working. Now, we can change the stream settings. Leave the destination as ustom RTMP stream, enter the application connection information in the discussed format, and name the stream under stream name. Once you’re done, Save the settings and well, start streaming. Don’t forget to start up the video once again.

Back in Wowza Streaming Engine, under Incoming Streams, we can see the stream is running. By selecting it, we’ll get more details such as the network throughput. For viewing, we’ll need to go under Test Playback. You’ll need the HLS streaming URL, so copy it, and then open up VLC player. You’ll need to open network streams and use the URL to play the stream for it to work. All right, well, that’s it for sending an RTMP stream to Wowza Streaming Engine from vMix. Thanks for watching and happy streaming.


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