Top 5 Java Modules for Wowza Streaming Engine

September 20, 2019 by

Looking to extend the capacity of your media server? In this video, Rose and Frank discuss the top five Java modules for Wowza Streaming Engine based on customer usage. In addition to the modules already built into Wowza Streaming Engine, these Java utility modules add enhanced stream functionality and control.
Saving the best for last, the top five Java modules based on customer usage are:


5. ModuleRefererValidate Module

The ModuleRefererValidate module can be used to control access to your streams based on the referer domain. Designed for players that aren’t RTMP-based, it uses an image tag or JavaScript to validate the requester. In other words, this helps limit playback to those who have permission to access your streams.


4. LiveStreamRecordAutoRecord Module

As an alternative to the Record all incoming streams option in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, this module enables you to record either all or selected incoming live streams. That way, you save time by sidestepping the need to manually configure recordings in the Engine Manager.


3. ModuleLoopUntilLive Module

The ModuleLoopUntilLive module allows you to loop a pre-roll filler video in place of an unavailable live stream. Once the live stream is available again, it will switch back to the live video. In case of delay, you could use this module to insert an add or other prerecorded content.


2. ModuleS3Upload Module

Automatically upload finished recordings to an Amazon S3 bucket with the ModuleS3Upload module. For those who need to store video files somewhere other than their local server, this keeps recorded resources in a centralized location.


1. StreamPublisher Module

Finally, the StreamPublisher module lets you use a server listener and application module to create a schedule of streams and playlists. As a popular module in the Wowza Forums, this helps map out multiple video assets and playlists.


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