Top 5 Java Modules for Wowza Streaming Engine (Update)

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Looking to extend the capacity of your media server? Below we detail the top five modules for Wowza Streaming Engine based on customer usage.


ModuleAVMix Module

Mixing live audio and video from separate sources is a common need with plenty of applications. Perhaps you’re looking to complement silent video footage with background music. Or maybe you want to supplement your live sports broadcast with the commentary from an online radio station.

The ModuleAVMix module works great for both scenarios, and can even be used to switch audio or video sources mid-stream. In short, it allows developers to combine two separate input streams into a single output.


Control Modules

We developed our control modules — including ModuleTranscoderControl, ModulePacketizerControl, and ModuleDvrRecorderControl — for advanced workflows where not all streams require the same processing.

To use the previous module as an example, these workflows include three streams: the audio input, video input, and audio-video output. It’s likely that only the third would require transcoding, recording, and the like, which is where our control modules come in handy.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the three modules:

  • The ModuleTranscoderControl module controls which streams passing through a given application are transcoded by the transcoder. It can be used when certain streams that are published to the media server don’t need to be transcoded.
  • The ModulePacketizerControl module controls which streams get packetized for HTTP streaming. It can be used with transcoder or any time you don’t need all the streams to be packetized.
  • The ModuleDvrRecorderControl module controls which streams get recorded by Wowza nDVR recorder. It can be used with transcoder or any time when you don’t need all the streams to be recorded.

In essence, these modules give you more control over what’s taking place on your Wowza Streaming Engine server. Limiting unnecessary processing also helps you get more out of your server by eliminating unnecessary complexity.


LiveStreamRecordAutoRecord Module

As an alternative to the Record all incoming streams option in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, this module enables you to record either all or selected incoming live streams. That way, you save time by sidestepping the need to manually configure recordings in the Engine Manager.

Again, the LiveStreamRecordAutoRecord module provides developers with more control. Rather than managing an abundance of recorded streams, you’re able to only record those that match certain criteria.


StreamPublisher Module

The StreamPublisher module lets you publish prerecorded content as though live on social media feeds, streaming apps, and websites. Many live event producers use it to take produced MP4 files and schedule them for playback. Freeman, for instance, was able to accommodate a 3,000%+ increase in streaming hours during the pandemic by using a similar functionality in Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Beyond reducing the chance of mishaps during a live broadcast, this module let broadcasters configure a stream schedule for viewers in any time zone without having to be present. Check out this video tutorial and blog for an in-depth look at how it works.


HLS StreamTargets Module

Wowza Streaming Engine software version 4.5.0 and later enables you to develop your own Apple HLS (cupertino) Stream Target to support custom destinations that may not be supported by the built-in push publishing HLS profiles.

The HLS StreamTargets module enables you to create and maintain playlists, gather audio/video content from Wowza Streaming Engine live stream packetizers, and package it into media segments.

Developers have used these examples as a starting point for workflows to send streams to their own storage provider. Our Wowza Professional Services team can also assist with building a custom solution if required.



For a more detailed look at these modules, check out the webinar clip below.


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