Medical Streaming Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

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At the intersection of healthcare and technology, video streaming is being used for a wide range of applications. Telehealth, clinical education, and video-enabled surgical devices are among the most obvious examples — but these only scratch the surface.

In this mini guide, we’ll take a detailed look at how healthcare leaders are leveraging streaming to push the industry forward. From there, we’ll cover the capabilities needed to get in on this trend.

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Get the nitty-gritty on:

  • Medical streaming examples: Take a look at the ways streaming is transforming healthcare — from IoT to smart hospitals.
  • Trending technologies: Get up-to-date facts and stats on all things health IT.
  • Innovative approaches: Find out how organizations in emergency response, remote patient monitoring, and medical training have put streaming to work for their businesses.

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Medical Streaming Use Cases


Medical Training

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Knowledge transfer comes easy with video streaming — facilitating everything from live surgical demonstrations to recorded simulations.


Medical Devices

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Whether taking the form of a smartwatch or video-enabled surgical instrument, video streaming keeps patients and doctors connected from beyond the clinic walls.



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The next generation of smart hospitals will go beyond video surveillance to incorporate interactive streaming solutions and real-time health analytics.


AI-Enabled Tech

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Smart video monitors with respiratory tracking, fever-detection surveillance cameras, and virtual doctor visits are among the many ways artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in healthcare.


Public Health Agencies

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Post-pandemic initiatives will leverage video streaming technology to revamp public health surveillance and improve emergency preparedness.


Internet of Medical Things

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Camera-aided surgical devices, digital kiosks, and nonsurgical robotics all make up the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in today’s hospital environments.

1.	Telehealth and Virtual Services
The CDC's regulatory waivers during the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a 154% increase in telehealth visits. 

2.	Remote Patient Monitoring
The global remote patient monitoring market is projected to reach a value of U.S. $1.9 billion by 2026. 

3.	Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT)
An estimated 20-30 billion healthcare IoT devices are in use today.  

4.	Innovations in Endoscopy and Robotics
The endoscopy devices market is anticipated to surpass U.S. $67.37 billion by 2027. 

5.	Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
AR/VR technologies are powering training, real-time data visualization, memory care, therapy, and pain management.

Healthcare + Streaming = A Winning Combo

Social distancing efforts prompted by COVID-19 have accelerated the need for technologies that replicate real-life exchanges. But even after the pandemic is finally behind us, video-enabled healthcare is here to stay.

Organizations are leveraging streaming to improve patient outcomes, enhance industry-wide collaboration, and reduce costs for providers and their patients. Luckily, Wowza’s full-service streaming platform provides reliable, low-latency video capabilities that can be embedded into any product or service.


Why Wowza

  • Low-Latency Streaming: For life-changing solutions like real-time monitoring and video-assisted procedures, Wowza delivers high-quality streams with unmatched speed and reliability.
  • Superior Video Quality: Get a granular view of procedures and patients so that no detail goes overlooked with capabilities like 4K UHD, 360/VR, and adaptive bitrate streaming.
  • State-of-the-Art Features: Whether performing an endoscopy or synchronizing video and health data, Wowza offers advanced features and customization options to support your needs.
  • Healthcare-Grade Security: Be confident that your content is protected and HIPPA-compliant with end-to-end encryption, token authentication, and digital rights management (DRM)

“We love the collaboration and support we’re getting from the Wowza team. We want to provide doctors and medical staff with the best streaming possible. Wowza is working with us to make the lives of everyone else better during the circumstances, and we’re all in it together.”

Alex Dizengof, CTO, Carbyne

How Wowza Works

Medical streaming workflow showing the movement of content from capture to playback using Wowza's streaming technology.

Wowza’s Technology Supports:


Customer Snapshots

Logo for Carbyne

Providing a service that’s critical during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Carbyne connects emergency call centers with video streaming. Each time someone in need makes an emergency call to a center leveraging Carbyne’s platform, they are prompted to enable a live video stream with dynamic location and instant messaging functionality.

Carbyne leverages Wowza’s WebRTC capabilities to support sub-500-millisecond video delivery and then repackages the feed into the HLS protocol for broad distribution to paramedics, law enforcement officers, hospitals, and other stakeholders.

Child Health Imprints Logo

Child Health Imprints (CHI) is an IoT medical provider that powers low-latency streaming for remote monitoring of babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The cloud-hosted iNICU appliance enables doctors to monitor neonates on life support around the world using Wowza Streaming Engine.

Child Health Imprints enlisted the help of Wowza Professional Services to synchronize video, clinical, and vital data for early diagnoses and quicker clinical intervention.

Logo for Intelligent Video Solutions

To support the growing demand for video-based simulation, research, and training, Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) provides content management capabilities to organizations of every size. Their software relies on Wowza’s enterprise-class streaming software to ensure that users can easily stream and manage their video libraries.

IVS is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with streaming capabilities — whether that takes the form of video solutions for more effective diagnostics or simulation technologies that allow surgeons to perfect their craft.



From smart hospitals to virtual doctor visits, streaming technology is transforming the world of healthcare. And Wowza’s medical streaming solutions are a driving force.


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