Medical Streaming Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

March 23, 2021 by
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At the intersection of healthcare and technology, video streaming is being used for a wide range of applications. Telehealth, clinical education, and video-enabled surgical devices are among the most obvious examples — but these only scratch the surface.

In this mini guide, we’ll take a detailed look at how healthcare leaders are leveraging streaming to push the industry forward. From there, we’ll cover the capabilities needed to get in on this trend.

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Get the nitty-gritty on:

  • Medical streaming examples: Take a look at the ways streaming is transforming healthcare — from IoT to smart hospitals.
  • Trending technologies: Get up-to-date facts and stats on all things health IT.
  • Innovative approaches: Find out how organizations in emergency response, remote patient monitoring, and medical training have put streaming to work for their businesses.

Don’t be the lag in your medical streaming solution. Find out how video technologies are transforming healthcare. Download the guide today.

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