Audio-Only Streaming

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Broadcast pro-quality audio streams to any device.​

How Audio-Only Streaming Works

Audio-Only Streaming Workflow
Audio-Only Streaming Workflow
Transcode Audio Streams with Wowza

Transcode Audio Streams

Use built-in Wowza audio transcoding to decode MP3, Vorbis, Opus, Speex, and other audio codecs, and re-encode them as outbound AAC and Opus streams for wide compatibility and adaptive bitrate delivery.
Restream SHOUTcast/Icecast with Wowza

Restream SHOUTcast/Icecast

Send Wowza your SHOUTcast or Icecast server streams. We'll wrap it in other formats for playback across the full range of players and devices—iOS and Android phones, tablets, and more.
Secure Your Audio Content with Wowza

Secure Your Audio Content

Choose standard support for Flash RTMP encrypted streams and HLS AES-128 protection or explore our comprehensive collection of audio-security measures.
Use Any Audio Encoder with Wowza GoCoder

Use Any Audio Encoder

Simply point your RTMP, RTSP/RTP, or MPEG-TS stream to Wowza technology and let us do the rest. Or stream directly from the Wowza GoCoder™ mobile app, SHOUTcast, or Icecast—no separate encoder needed.
Create On-Demand Audio Playlists with Wowza

Create On-Demand Audio Playlists

Use Wowza Streaming Engine server-side playlist functionality to create linear streaming channels from your on-demand content and intersperse on-demand content with live streams.
Easily Stream Audio-Only from a Video Server with Wowza

Easily Stream Audio-Only from a Video Server

If you’re already using Wowza Streaming Engine software for video, quickly deliver audio-only streams from the same server—just like NPR, Colorado Public Radio,, and others.
Scale On-Demand Audio Streaming with Wowza Media Cache

Scale On-Demand Audio Streaming

Achieve virtually unlimited capacity using the Wowza Media Cache feature for immediate streaming and playback from local cache. Fetch on-demand content from centralized storage to edge servers.

Audio-Only Streaming Resources

Restream Audio from SHOUTcast/Icecast

Wowza Audio-Only Solution Brief

Create App Store–Compliant Streams

Video: Thoughts about Online Radio

Transcode Speex to AAC Audio

Transcode Only the Audio Channel of an Incoming Stream

What's the Best Audio-Streaming Solution for Me?

Cloud Streaming Service

The Wowza Streaming Cloud end-to-end live video streaming service offers a managed infrastructure, a free player, autoscaling to any size audience, and a REST API (preview).


Choose Wowza Streaming Cloud if you...

  • Want cloud-based audio-only streaming, with pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Need to start streaming audio quickly
  • Need to stream 24x7 audio content
  • Do not want to purchase and manage server hardware and software
  • Want an out-of-the-box audio-streaming solution

Media Server Software

Wowza Streaming Engine media server software gives you on-premises and cloud deployment options, complete server-level control, cost-effective monthly pricing, and Java and REST APIs.


Choose Wowza Streaming Engine if you...

  • Want to own software to deploy on premises or on cloud-based servers
  • Want to deploy your audio streaming solution on your network behind a firewall
  • Require server security or digital rights management for your audio streams
  • Want both live and on-demand audio-streaming capabilities
  • Have deep customization requirements

What Customers Are Saying about Streaming Audio with Wowza

“Wowza has helped us to massively broaden our online audience by providing an efficient, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective way to stream audio content to Flash and beyond.”

Alexander Josiassen, operations and technical manager, Radio 538

“At we've used Wowza to advance our product development cycle by months! Since they solve challenging problems like scaling and transcoding, we're able to focus on helping music producers create and connect.”

Cory Flanigan, cofounder and CTO,