The Complete Guide to Live Streaming:
Use Cases

If You Ain’t Streaming, You Ain’t Leading




Technological advancements, improved connectivity, and video maturity make live streaming more accessible than ever. Capitalizing on this trend means incorporating the technology into your brand’s entire strategy.


Examples of successful companies doing just that abound. Drive-through banking, virtual doctor visits, and other forms of customer support use live video streaming to better engage customers and extend the physical reach of their employees.


Whether video is an integral part of the services your organization offers or a supplementary component aimed at increasing engagement, it’s delivering measurable impact for today’s most innovative companies.


Marketing requires it. Customer engagement depends on it. And innovation starts with it. Here are some interesting ways that brands are using live streaming today.

Interactive Software and Apps: Engaging Remote Users


Integrating live video into online games and interactive events helps improve audience engagement. This results in more opportunities to maximize revenue through paid subscribers, sponsorship, and advertising.


live streaming trivia app

From live trivia to real-time auctions, interactive video-based mobile apps have mushroomed in popularity. These broadcasts tend to be shorter in length at approximately 10-20 minutes, while inciting more active participation from users than any other format.


Take HQ Trivia as an example. The live-streaming gameshow app attracts more than 500,000 players for weekend shows by awarding participants cash prizes and featuring celebrity guest judges. By combining the immediacy of live streaming with the staying power of game show media, the app future-proofed this popular genre.


Live-streaming gambling platforms also lure in users. With webcams pointed at each players’ poker face, live poker tables allow for more informed betting. The virtual gambling world also encompasses live sports streams and casino games.


Across all types of interactive live streaming, one thing remains true: minimizing latency is a must. That’s where solutions like WebRTC, low-latency CMAF, and SRT help up the ante.

E-Commerce: Bridging the Gap Between Digital and In-Store Engagement


When the founder of Zappos first pitched the idea of selling shoes online, the logic of ‘try before you buy’ made investors skeptical. Fast forward twenty years, and Zappos’ parent company Amazon is every bit as popular as any brick-and-mortal chain.


But what if you could replicate the tactile aspects of in-store shopping via a digital format? By fusing online retail with live streaming, you can.


Dubbed live commerce, the trend holds a strong foothold in China. Taobao — the world’s biggest e-commerce website — empowers farmers, business owners, and self-employed entrepreneurs with consumer-to-consumer live streaming. Successful influencers on the site ascend to celebrity-like status, helping elevate the shopping experience from mundane to swanky. And just like at a Nordstrom beauty counter, consumers can ask questions and learn application techniques.


live streaming shopping app - live commerce


Although certainly late to the party, Amazon launched Amazon Live in 2019, where models try on different accessories and outfits while hosts vividly describe the material and fit. Think home shopping network goes digital, with the addition of icons fluttering on the screen each time a purchase is made.


No, these aren’t exact replicas of the in-store shopping experience. But for now, they’re the closest possible alternative. And with technologies like 5G, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, the possibilities are endless.

Live Events: The Next Closest Thing to Being There


Whether it’s an instantly sold-out reunion concert, the sporting event of the year, or a breakthrough in space exploration, live events are one of the most obvious reasons to use live-streaming technology.


Just think of the time Felix Baumgartner broke the record for the highest freefall — while simultaneously breaking YouTube’s record for the largest number of concurrent live streams.


Phish recently live-streamed the first major concert in 4K ever, enabling fans to witness their show from anywhere in the world. And virtual reality promises to transport viewers even closer to these events by enabling immersive 360-degree experiences.


live events in VR 360

IoT and Surveillance: Security Cameras Go Mainstream


IoT video streaming dominates the market. Coastguards use drones for search-and-rescue missions, whereas military-grade bodycams help connect frontline responders with their commander.


Recently, though, IoT streaming has moved beyond these niche applications and into the consumer world. Examples of IoT and video surveillance include pet monitors, security systems, doorbell cameras, IP cameras, and more. Just take Nest’s word for it, “For everything you need, there’s a Nest Cam.”


IP cameras streaming


Live-streaming surveillance is also going mobile. Blueforce Development created a mobile app for military operations and hazardous work environments. Similarly, the mobile app Citizen puts crime-tracking into the hands of the public by allowing users to live-stream local crimes and fires.

Our Tech = Your Superpower


In the content-flooded landscape — where digital interfaces have largely replaced in-person interactions — live streaming is one of the most authentic ways to connect with your audience. While a lot goes into getting that live stream from capture to playback, we designed our software, services, and hardware to help you along the way.

  • Wowza Streaming Engine: Stream on your terms and to any device. Our downloadable media server software powers live and on-demand streaming, on-premises or in the cloud, with fully customizable software.
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  • Wowza ClearCaster: Broadcast high-quality streams to any destination with our professional-grade encoder. Just plug it in, and ClearCaster auto-configures to provide reliable streams to popular destinations and beyond.
  • Wowza GoCoder Mobile App and SDK: Integrate the free Wowza GoCoder SDK with Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud to support live video capture, encoding, and streaming. Start developing mobile apps for iOS and Android today — simply and seamlessly.
  • Wowza CDN: Reach global audiences of any size with our streaming delivery network. Automatically included with Wowza Streaming Cloud, the Wowza CDN can also be configured as a stream target for Wowza Streaming Engine.
  • Wowza Player: Ensure optimized, HD-quality video experiences with our embeddable HTML5 player.


Push the limits of what’s possible with live-streaming technology. Streamline your streaming workflow with Wowza.


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