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The Future of Video with Facebook Live and Wowza

June 28, 2016 by Ryan Jespersen

With our latest updates to Wowza Streaming Cloud and the Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.5 release, Wowza users can quickly and easily stream live video to Facebook Live.

This makes it easier than ever to meet your viewers where they already are. It's a quick, simple way to aggregate your content to various platforms. For example, within a single interface, you can send a stream to 1) a player on your own site, 2) Facebook Live, and 3) YouTube Live—with many more options still at your fingertips.

Check out the video tutorial for Wowza Streaming Engine–Facebook Live streaming below, and the video tutorial for streaming from Wowza Streaming Cloud to Facebook Live here.

You can also read the details for Facebook Live streaming with Wowza Streaming Cloud and Wowza Streaming Engine in our support articles.




Facebook Live officially launches at F8 (April 2016)

Thousands of developers from around the globe tuned in to the F8 Facebook Developer Conference to learn about new product announcements and technology integrations across the Facebook platform. One of those recent announcements was the release of the Facebook Live API, which “enables you to build apps and production tools that create a highly interactive live experience.” Wowza is featured on the Facebook website as one of the Facebook Live Video developers

Since the full release of Facebook Live several months ago, users and developers have been asking for greater access to Facebook's live-streaming platform. Wowza was invited to be one of the early adopters of the Facebook Live API, and we're nearing completion on the functionality to publish to Facebook Live directly from Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud

The value for Wowza customers is clear: Facebook Live is another way to distribute your live content to the world’s most popular social media platform, enabling you to further engage your audience and create value with your video content. It will also encourage users to see what they can do with immersive new formats like live streaming and 360° video—formats where Wowza technology is paving the way.


To find out more about the future of video with Facebook Live and Wowza, watch the four-minute clip below from the F8 Keynote and “The Future of Video on Facebook” session.



A Facebook spokesperson at F8 said, “We’ve been inspired by the innovation we’ve seen so far, and we know it’s only the beginning.” We couldn’t agree more, and we’re happy to be working closely with Facebook to power the streaming revolution.

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Ryan Jespersen

Ryan Jespersen has more than 15 years in the video and multimedia industry. As a Streaming Technologist he has extensive experience in media streaming and deploying complex video delivery systems for Wowza customers around the world.