The Future of Video with Facebook Live and Wowza

October 16, 2017 by

The future is here—and it’s brought to you by Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, and WowzaTM Media Systems, the recognized gold standard in streaming. A lot has happened since our last update on Wowza and Facebook Live streaming; here’s a rundown of recent news and developments.


Facebook and Wowza Bring Future-Ready Innovations (UPDATE: October 2017)

Wowza technology is driving exciting innovations in streaming video on the Facebook platform, including:

  • The Wowza ClearCasterTM appliance is now available: This broadcast-quality appliance is designed for professional streamers and broadcasters to significantly increase the success of Facebook Live streaming. Purpose-built with help from Facebook, it integrates seamlessly with Facebook Live’s APIs, enabling auto-configuration and real-time stream health monitoring through your Facebook account. Check out the ClearCaster product page to learn more!
  • As a featured Facebook Live Video developer, Wowza is defining the new standard for delivery on this platform.
  • Wowza was also named as a strategic partner for Workplace by Facebook, to help improve the quality of Facebook Live streaming within this product. (Workplace by Facebook utilizes regular Facebook features on a separate channel from users’ private profiles for use in business settings.)

The field of VR and 360º video is also rapidly evolving, and Facebook is leading the charge. Virtual and augmented reality (AR and VR) capabilities are now being integrated into Facebook app experiences, allowing users to overlay filters, digital objects and informational metadata on real surroundings.

At the 2017 F8 Facebook Developer Conference, new VR and AR technologies were announced, including:

  • A beta version of the first social VR app, Facebook Spaces.
  • A developer toolkit that makes it easy for users to capture and share VR experiences—whether through Oculus Rift games or 360° live-streaming video. The 360 Capture SDK allows developers to utilize Facebook’s cube-mapping technology: a proprietary method for capturing and delivering high-quality VR video.
  • Support for 360º video on Facebook pages and profiles, either by using a compatible VR/360º camera or by tuning an existing live-stream.
  • New open-source VR cameras: the more robust x24 camera and the portable, mobile x6. These cameras have algorithms that allow VR content to be viewed in greater depth than the previous Surround 360 model.


Facebook Live officially launches at F8 (April 2016)

Thousands of developers from around the globe tuned in to the F8 Facebook Developer Conference to learn about new product announcements and technology integrations across the Facebook platform. One of those recent announcements was the release of the Facebook Live API, which “enables you to build apps and production tools that create a highly interactive live experience.” Wowza is featured on the Facebook website as one of the Facebook Live Video developers

The value for Wowza customers is clear: Facebook Live is another way to distribute your live content to the world’s most popular social media platform, enabling you to further engage your audience and create value with your video content. It will also encourage users to see what they can do with immersive new formats like live streaming and 360° video—formats where Wowza technology is paving the way.

A Facebook spokesperson at F8 said, “We’ve been inspired by the innovation we’ve seen so far, and we know it’s only the beginning.” We couldn’t agree more, and we’re happy to be working closely with Facebook to power the streaming revolution.