Stream Scaling and Load Balancing

Scale live and video-on-demand streaming with Wowza technology

Increase your Wowza™ server configuration's scalability by incorporating distribution through a CDN or using a load-balancing system to offload player connections to less-loaded servers.

When to Scale

When designing or specifying a new video-streaming solution, it's best to do so with scaling in mind. To help determine when and how best to scale, consider the following:

Consider Distribution When Determining How To Scale


Number of concurrent video streams
Consider Audience Size & Location When Determining How To Scale

Audience Size & Location

Estimated audience size and geographical location
Consider Budget When Determining How to Scale


Short-term and long-term project budget

Live Stream Scaling

Wowza Streaming Engine™ live stream repeater (origin-edge) configurations let you scale your deployment when you need to make live streams available from multiple Wowza™ media servers at the same time.

  • Live encoders that produce the content connect to the origin servers and players connect to the edge servers.
  • Edge servers connect to the origin servers to repeat the live stream. A live stream repeater configuration can be used for all types of live video streaming. To scale up, you simply add more edge servers to the cluster and point them to the streams originating from the origin servers.

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Video-on-Demand Scaling

  • Stream Targets is a feature in Wowza Streaming Engine that allows you to scale and add redundancy to your live streaming workflow by sending an incoming live source stream to a content delivery network (CDN) or other destination that redistributes the source stream to users.
  • Wowza live stream repeater is an origin-edge configuration where multiple Wowza media servers are configured to connect to the origin servers to repeat the live stream. A separate load balancer is typically used to direct the players to the correct edge server in the cluster.

Webinar Recording: Scale Your Streaming with Affordable CDN Delivery

In this video you will learn about the following:

  • How to utilize the Stream Targets feature in Wowza Streaming Engine to send a live stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud, a third-party CDN, or a video-sharing website such as YouTube Live
  • The advantages of scaling with the cloud vs. on-premises deployments
  • A hybrid cloud/on-premises deployment model, plus best practices associated with this option