Wowza Streaming Cloud
Ruby and Java SDKs

Integrate powerful live-streaming capabilities into your application with native client libraries.

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Faster Development Time

Achieve quicker development times, as well as a more tightly coupled application flow and deployment.

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Leverage advanced capabilities like 4K, Ultra Low Latency, comprehensive codec and protocol support, an integrated CDN, and a wide range of security features.

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Reliable and Scalable

Benefit from unparalleled reliability and global scalability on the industry's leading cloud-based platform for live streaming.

Build Exactly What You Need

Integrate live streaming into your application using the Wowza Streaming Cloud Ruby or Java SDK. The client SDKs have object methods for configuring, starting, and managing streams that provide a native alternative to passing JSON blocks across the Wowza Streaming Cloud RESTful API.

Free to use with any active Wowza Streaming Cloud subscription or trial, the Ruby and Java SDKs let you realize the service's inherent power, reliability, and scalability.

Developer Community

Get the answers you need when it comes to live streaming. Built for developers, our growing community includes 60K+ digital builders. We’ll keep you in the know with code samples, forums, upcoming events, and more.


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