Common IP Camera RTSP URL formats

Note: This article is for an older Wowza™ product or technology that either has been updated or is no longer supported. For the current version of this article, see How to re-stream video from an IP camera: Common IP camera RTSP URL formats.
See the following article that covers the topic of re-streaming an RTSP stream in general: How to re-stream video from an IP camera (RTSP/RTP re-streaming)

Axis models that natively support H.264: M1011(-W), M1031-W, P3301(-V), Q1755, Q6032. (This is not a complete list.)

The Axis camera's RTSP url take the form:
Where [camera-ip-address] is the ip address of the Axis camera.

SONY snc-ch/dh/rh network cameras work well with Wowza. You have to set H.264 video codec for the first camera stream:
rtsp://[login:password@][camera domain name or IP address]/media/video1
Tested with: snc-ch110, dh110, ch210, dh210, ch120,dh120, ch140, dh140, ch160, dh160, ch180, dh180, ch220, dh220, ch240, dh240, ch260, dh260, ch280, dh280, rh124, rh164

SoleraTec has a reference of IP cameras and RTSP urls.

The Axis cameras have a query string API that can be used to modify the stream dynamically. See section 5 "Parameter Specification" of this Axis reference. For example, you can control the video codec and compression like this: