Use IMediaStreamActionNotify2 to monitor live streams (ModuleStreamWatchDog)

The following module monitors live streams that are published to an application and broadcasts information to the connected Flash clients every 10 seconds. The Flash clients can be configured to respond to these broadcasts either to monitor the stream health or to play the stream.

A compiled version of this module is included in the Wowza Module Collection.


To enable this module, add the following module definition to your application. See Configure modules for details.

Fully Qualified Class Name
streamwatchdog Monitors live streams and broadcasts to Flash. com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module.ModuleStreamWatchDog

Flash Client Configuration

The following Actionscript (AS3) code will connect to the live application and will receive the broadcasts.

var netconnection:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var clientObj:Object = new Object();
clientObj.streamStats = function(streamName:String, currSeq:String, msg:String, date:String):void
	trace("Stream stats. Name: " + streamName + " currSeq: " + currSeq + " msg: " + msg + " date: " + date);
netconnection.client = clientObj;