How to use Samsung Smart TV with Wowza Media Server

Basic observations and information on how to use the Wowza media server with Samsung Smart TV (formally called ConnectedTV).

Several of the new 2011 Samsung TV models support Samsung Smart TV. There is more general information along with a list of TV models here:

Smart TV support Flash player 10.1. This includes support for RTMP (and all of its variants), Flash HTTP (sanjosestreaming) and Apple HLS (cupertinostreaming). To get started I downloaded the Samsung TV Application SDK from here:

The SDK includes an IDE and an emulator. It seems to be a pretty simple system that relies heavily on HTML, Javascript, CSS and XML. It looks like you can easily embed the Flash player in any of your application pages to support video playback. The documentation suggests that H.264/AAC-LC playback is accelerated and can play fullscreen.

Originally Published: 03-11-2011.

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