How to use Wowza Transcoder on a live stream repeater edge

To transcode using the Wowza Transcoder on a Wowza live stream repeater edge application, use .stream files (or StreamNameAlias aliases). This is useful if the origin server is an FMS server, for example.

  1. Enable the Transcoder in the edge server Application.xml file by following this guide. You will change StreamType to 'live'.
  2. Create a .stream file in the content folder that contains the full RTMP URL to your origin stream:
    File: /content/
    Contents: rtmp://[wowza-origin-address]:1935/liveorigin/myStream

    Ensure that the .stream file is a plaintext file with a .stream extension, and that your text editor did not add the .txt extension (which might be hidden in Windows file explorer).

    Alternatively, you can use the StreamNameAlias AddOn or IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 API.


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