Wowza ClearCaster User Guide

Wowza ClearCaster™ is a rack-mountable (1RU) device, designed in collaboration with Facebook, for professional broadcasters and Internet video streamers looking for an easy way to improve Facebook Live video-streaming reliability and quality. ClearCaster is tightly integrated with the Facebook enhanced Live API so it can automatically configure video streams and monitor them in real-time in order to intelligently adjust video stream settings as network conditions change. This helps to ensure that ClearCaster video streams for Facebook Live are always available on your Facebook page and have the highest possible quality.

The ClearCaster has SDI and HDMI input connections for ingesting video from HD cameras, video editing systems, and other professional video equipment. It's pre-configured to encode and deliver H.264 video/AAC audio live streams—in full HD (1080p)—to your Facebook page. You can connect an SDI or HDMI camera to ClearCaster and post live video to your Facebook page to share with your viewers in minutes.

The ClearCaster has an HDMI output connection to which you can connect a "Talent View" monitor. The Talent View enables you to see a preview of the video stream and the same Facebook Live video that your viewers see—and a convenient countdown clock cues the exact moment your stream goes from preview to Live, helping to eliminate awkward pauses for you and your viewers. As your live stream progresses, you can use the Talent View to watch Facebook comments, emojis, and reactions from viewers in real time, enabling you to tailor your live broacast on the fly.

You can start and stop streams through the Facebook Live user interface, and you can control the ClearCaster device by using a Wowza web application—or controls on the device itself—to easily manage your streams from any location.

Note: See Get started with Wowza ClearCaster to quickly install Wowza ClearCaster and stream a live video to Facebook Live.