Wowza Streaming Cloud free trial

Learn about features and limitations of the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service free trial, how to sign up and access it, and how to access documentation to get started with live streaming and ultra low latency streaming. 

About the trial

The free trial of Wowza Streaming Cloud provides a fully featured experience:

  • 30 consecutive days of access to Wowza Streaming Cloud
  • Access to Wowza Streaming Cloud through the user interface and the REST API
  • Use of the Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API in sandbox and production environments
  • Ultra low latency, HLS, and HDS streaming
  • Live streams and transcoders created in trial mode that run seamlessly once you convert to a paid subscription

Trial limitations

Keep these limitations in mind while evaluating Wowza Streaming Cloud during the trial period:

  • Transcoders and live streams can stream for a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • You can't start more than three transcoders or live streams at a time.
  • 24x7 transcoders and passthrough transcoders aren't available.
  • Live streams and transcoders display a Wowza Streaming Cloud trial watermark during playback.
  • Playback for ultra low latency streams is limited to 10 simultaneous viewers per stream.
  • At the end of the 30 day trial period, Wowza Streaming Cloud stops all active streams and disables sign-in. 

Note: If you signed up for a trial of Wowza Streaming Cloud before November 7, 2018, your trial has the following limitations instead of those listed above:

  • During the trial period, you can use 5 hours of stream processing (transcoding) time.
  • Playback is limited to 10 concurrent viewers per live stream.
  • Ultra low latency streaming is not available.
  • Geo-blocking and token authorization are not available.
  • You can't create 24x7 transcoders or passthrough transcoders.
  • You can create custom stream targets and edit transcoders, but you can't add or use Wowza CDN stream targets or stream sources.
  • You can't use stream smoothing in custom transcoders.
  • When you create a live stream for an Other RTMP video source, you must send the stream directly to Wowza Streaming Cloud. You can't push it to a stream source.
  • When creating a live stream, the Delivery Protocol and Low Latency options are unavailable.
  • Viewer data is unavailable.
  • Trial accounts can't receive transcoded live streams from Wowza Streaming Engine.
  • Trial streams display a Wowza Streaming Cloud trial watermark.
  • When you've used all of the available transcoding hours in the trial, you can still log in and view usage information, but Wowza Streaming Cloud stops all active streams and you can no longer create, edit, or start live streams. At the end of the trial period, sign-in is disabled.
  • Live streams and transcoders created in trial mode don't run in a paid subscription. If you convert from a free trial to a paid subscription, you need to create new live streams and transcoders to continue working in Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Access the trial

To get the Wowza Streaming Cloud trial, go the Wowza trial page, select the appropriate trial, and follow the instructions to start your free trial subscription.

To sign in to the Wowza Streaming Cloud user interface for the free trial, do one of the following:

  • Click Launch Wowza Streaming Cloud when you finish your purchase in the Wowza portal.
  • Go to

Get started

Ready to dive in? Learn how to stream with Wowza Streaming Cloud using these resources.

Live streaming

  • Get started with Wowza Streaming Cloud – Set up a live stream with the user interface, connect a video source, and start streaming to a hosted page.
  • Query a live stream – Use the REST API to gather information about an existing live stream and its associated player, to update the live stream and player, and to delete the live stream. 
  • Broadcast a live stream – Use the REST API to set up a live stream, connect a video source, and start streaming to a hosted page.
  • Check out an example application – View an example app on GitHub for the Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API written in Ruby.

Ultra low latency streaming

More resources

While you're working, check out the Help panel on the right side of every page in the Wowza Streaming Cloud user interface. If you need more information, these resources may help you get started: