Live and VOD Stream Playback

Feature rich-playback for live streaming.

Provide viewers the best experience, including the ability to pause, play, and rewind a live video stream or choose to watch it later. Deliver enhanced live stream control to viewers on computers, tablets, smartphones, OTT devices, set-top boxes, and smart TVs.

Live Stream Playback Features

Any-Device Reach

Live-Stream DVR

Digital Rights Management

Closed Captioning

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Player Compatibility

JW Player


Google Shaka DASH Player

Bitmovin Bitdash Player

OpenTelly THEOplayer

Flash Player

Silverlight Player

VLC Media Player

Live Stream DVR

Wowza™ nDVR (network digital video recorder) enables trick play features such as pause, play, and rewind on a live broadcast. The network-based functionality removes the recording requirement from the end user’s hardware and places it on the media server. Compared to client-specific implementations, Wowza nDVR significantly reduces cost by minimizing network storage requirements and simplifying the delivery workflow.

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