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Create engaging live chat applications.

Why Build a Chat Application on Wowza Technology?

 Flexible Development Environment in Adobe Flash with Wowza

Flexible Development Environment

Prebuilt examples and test players provide the foundation for building chat applications in Adobe Flash®.
Sharing & Collaboration with Wowza Remote Shared Object Function

Sharing & Collaboration

The Wowza Remote Shared Objects capability lets you create applications that track, share, synchronize, and store data between all participants.
HD Conferencing with H.264 Encoding

HD Conferencing

Full compatibility with H.264 encoding in the latest Adobe Flash Player lets you stream high-def video chat and conferencing.
Vast Selection of Applications and Third-Party Products

Vast Selection of Applications

Tap into many third-party products, ranging from simple chat to sophisticated community-collaboration applications.

Chat Application Resources

How to Set Up Live Video Chat

Learn to configure a video chat application using Wowza Streaming Engine™ software, IP cameras, and Adobe Flash® Player. 

Achieve the Lowest Latency from Capture to Playback

Learn to enable low-latency streams, change the player buffer time, optimize your encoding, and more.