Get the Load Test Tool for Wowza Streaming Engine

The Load Testing Tool from Wowza Media Systems™ can be used to generate simulated player connections to test configuration and performance on a server that's running Wowza Streaming Engine™ software. A single computer running the Load Testing Tool can simulate hundreds of player connections. The tool is designed to create a linear load on a single Wowza Streaming Engine server for basic load-testing purposes and doesn't simulate real-world streaming.

The Load Test Tool is an AddOn to the Wowza Streaming Engine software. Each computer running the tool must have the Wowza Streaming Engine software installed and licensed with a Subscription, Perpetual, or Developer Wowza Streaming Engine license. To request the Load Test Tool, click the link at the bottom of this page. You'll have to electronically sign a Load Testing Software Agreement. To complete that agreement, you'll need the last five digits of your Wowza Streaming Engine software license key and a valid email address. After you've signed the Load Testing Software Agreement and Wowza has verified your information, you'll receive an email within three business days that includes download instructions.

Load Test Tool 4.5 can simulate player connections to test load on Wowza Streaming Engine 4.5 and later. This tool enables you to configure, control, and monitor load tests through a web-based interface. Currently, it only supports RTMP and Apple HLS streams.

Request the Load Test Tool 4.5

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Note: Changes and updates to this AddOn are listed in the version.txt file that's included in the package.