Create a Wowza ClearCaster Live Stream for Facebook Live

Important: Your Wowza ClearCaster™ device must be registered with Wowza and paired with the Facebook account from which you'll share the live video stream.

Use the following procedure to deliver a Wowza ClearCaster live video stream from your Facebook Timeline, Group, Event, or Page that you manage. The procedure refers to the following controls on the front panel of the ClearCaster device.

A. Power button
B. Network connection status
C. LCD (display)
D. Facebook connection status
E. Video connection status
F. Broadcast status
G. LCD menu controls

The connection status lights on the ClearCaster front panel will illuminate to indicate positive connection status.

To stream video to Facebook Live

  1. Press the power button (A), and then verify the Internet connection (B).
  2. Turn on the video source that's connected to the SDI/HDMI input port, and then verify the video connection (E).
  3. Sign in to with the Facebook account you'll use to deliver the Facebook Live stream, and then verify the Facebook connection (D).
    Note: If you're signed in to your Wowza account at, you can click Start Streaming on Facebook Live instead.
  4. Click Create Live Stream.
  5. On the Post tab, choose where you want the live stream to appear: your Timeline (the default value), a Group, an Event, or a Page you manage.
    If you chose to share the live stream from your Timeline, you can choose the audience: Public, All Friends, All Friends (with exceptions), Specific Friends, Only Me, or Custom.
  6. Select the option to use a Paired Encoder.
    Then on the Settings tab, in the Paired Encoders list, select the ClearCaster device that you'll use to deliver the live video.
    After you select the ClearCaster in the Paired Encoders list, you can preview the stream in the Talent View monitor connected to the ClearCaster or on the Facebook Live webpage. It may take a few seconds before the preview video is available.
  7. When you're ready, click Go Live to start the live stream.
    After you Go Live, you can verify the broadcast connection status (F) on the ClearCaster device front panel.
    Note: Your viewers can send comments, emojis, and reactions during the live stream. You can view this information in the Talent View monitor connected to the ClearCaster but you can only respond to your viewers from the Facebook Live streaming broadcast page.
  8. After the live event is finished, finish the live stream.

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