• How to use the MediaCaster API

    The following is a snippet of code for starting and stopping a stream using methods that are part of the IApplicationInstance interface. It is a couple of utility methods that can be used to simplify starting/stopping a stream:

    IApplicationInstance.startMediaCasterStream(streamName, mediaCasterType);

    Example uses:

    Start an IP camera stream with the stream name camera.stream (file contains RTSP URL):
    appInstance.startMediaCasterStream("camera.stream", "rtp");
    Start a SHOUTcast stream with the stream name radio.stream (file contains SHOUTcast URL):
    appInstance.startMediaCasterStream("radio.stream", "shoutcast");
    Start pull a stream from another Wowza or FMS server with the stream name rtmp.stream (file contains full RTMP URL):
    appInstance.startMediaCasterStream("rtmp.stream", "liverepeater");

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