Wowza Streaming Engine

Media Streaming With a Docker Container

Deploying a Wowza Streaming Engine Image With a Docker Container


Wowza offers developers the choice to quickly deploy Wowza Streaming Engine™ images using a Docker container. With the combination of Wowza and Docker, developers have access to a convenient workflow for managing the software powering their high-quality video and audio streams to any device, anywhere.


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Why Wowza Streaming Engine

Stream to Any Device

Transcoding allows you to refine your live encoding and streaming workflow, saving on upload bandwidth while delivering the best-possible-quality streams to each user’s specific device.


Wowza supports an ever-changing landscape so you can quickly and easily deliver your streaming video content to any device, anywhere, anytime.

Build Using Wowza Technology

Wowza™ Java and REST APIs enable you to build your streaming infrastructure on top of Wowza technology and to take advantage of features such as dynamic overlays.

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