Adobe RTMP


How to format Adobe Flash RTMP URLs
Use a single RTMP URL to both connect to the Wowza media server and play a particular stream.
How to protect RTMP streaming with SecureToken (ModuleSecureToken)
Learn how to use Wowza SecureToken to protect RTMP Streams using the example Adobe RTMP player.
How to enable enhanced seeking for RTMP playback
To turn on enhanced seeking for RTMP Flash-based playback of your on-demand media files, you can add the seekTarget property to your application configuration. Use this property when seeking to a precise location is needed. The Wowza media se...
Example of how to use computeSpectrum with Wowza Media Server
computeSpectrum is an ActionScript public method within the SoundMixer class that takes a snapshot of the current sound wave and places it into a specified ByteArray object.
How to set up protocol rollover with ActionScript
Here is a quick snippet of ActionScript 2 code that illustrates how to attempt connections over multiple RTMP protocols (RTMP and RTMPT). It will first try RTMP over port 443. If that fails, it will attempt RTMPT over port 443. This is just a simple...
How to play video with the example Adobe Flash players (RTMP)
Play on demand (VOD) and live streams using the example Adobe RTMP players in Wowza Streaming Engine software.