Connect to an RTMP encoder

This topic provides information about connecting your RTMP encoder or camera to your Wowza Video stream.

RTMP encoders

Make sure you have the latest firmware for your encoder installed. See the encoder's user guide for details about how to update firmware as well as how to operate the device and how to specify settings such as resolution, bitrate, and frame rate.

See the Connection information on the Overview tab of the live stream detail page for server, port, and other details your encoder may need to connect to Wowza Video. You'll need to refer to documentation for your specific encoder to determine where to input the source connection information settings, which include the stream and user credentials for authentication.

If you were configuring OBS as the encoder, you'd enter the following stream settings in OBS:

  • RTMP connection URL in the OBS Server field. The RTMP connection URL is built from the host server and the application name.
  • Stream name in the OBS Stream Key field. 
  • Username and Password are the source username and source password values.

Other encoders might use different names in their user interface, like Address instead of URL and Stream instead of Stream key. Make sure to refer to your encoder's documentation to determine the correct locations.

Note: Wowza Video accepts streams over RTMPS on port 443, if your camera or encoder can deliver over it.