Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.6 Release Notes

Important: A newer version of Wowza Streaming Engine is available. For more information, see Latest software updates for Wowza Streaming Engine.

Version: Wowza Streaming Engine™ 4.0.6 build 12199 released on August 11, 2014.
Note: For step-by-step instructions about how to update your Wowza Streaming Engine media server software, see How to update your Wowza Streaming Engine installation.

Detailed list of changes in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.6

  • Fixed problem where applications were not listed in the "Applications" tab in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.
  • Fixed problem where WebVTT captions did not appear on edges for HLS
  • Added support for VOD captions specified in textstream tags to reside in sub-directories
  • Enhanced DVR UTC Playlist delegate to have better debug diagnostics explaining the conversion from local timezone to UTC time
  • Fixed WebVTT captions to correctly map WebVTT timecodes to ts timecodes when the ts timecodes have rolled over
  • Suppressed creation of HLS WebVTT subtitle lists in edge application if WebVTT is turned off on the origin
  • Fixed catching and logging of transcoder loadLibrary UnsatisfiedLinkError
  • Added "Wowza GoCoder*" to default list of encoders in core security
  • Added string MediaCaster/Properties property rtspUserHeaders to enable custom RTSP headers for MediaCaster RTSP connections (format is "key1:value1|key2:value2"). The same property is valid .stream file JSON data as well
  • Added MediaCacheSource/Properties property (in conf/MediaCache.xml) userHTTPHeaders to enable custom HTTP headers to be added to MediaCache requests to the origin on a per-source basis (format is "key1:value1|key2:value2")
  • Added HTTPStreamer/Properties string property cupertinoClosedCaptionValue to set the default CLOSED-CAPTIONS value for Apple HLS (cupertino) streaming (the value is unset/null by default, most common value is NONE to remove closed caption control from Apple media player)
  • Changed license server requests to use domain names rather than IP addresses (should work better with proxy servers)
  • Added transcoder logging of decoder deinterlace value when using MainConcept default MP2, MP4 and H.264 decoder